3 May 2018 - Released DosPrint 1.1

What's new:

  • Added the vDosPlus emulator (another DOSBox variant with some extras)
  • Improved download of the selected DosBox variant and/or Printfil. Now it's much faster and reliable, especially on slow internet connections
  • If DOSBox MegaBuild 6 or DOSBox SVN Daum were installed on the PC, and then uninstalled by the Add/Remove Programs entry in the Windows Control Panel, DosPrint couldn't reinstall them anymore. Fixed
  • If the "C" drive is not already mounted, now DosPrint automatically configures the selected DOSBox variant to mount C: and all the other available Windows drives
  • On small resolution monitors, you couldn't go past the Accept License screen. Fixed
  • Some other minor improvements

The new DosPrint version is freely available at https://www.DosPrint.com

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