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Are you still using a DOS program on your Windows machine ?

Want to Print from DOS to USB and GDI Windows printers ?

(Including USB, GDI, IP, Network printers, Faxmodems and PDF writers)

Printfil allows using the newest Windows printers with DOS programs

In addition, without changes to the DOS program, it allows even:
  • Preview printing (so that you can print only what you really want on paper)
  • Include PNG, JPG, PDF, etc. background images to your textual jobs (no more pre-printed forms needed)
  • Automatic export and e-mailing of PDF jobs without expensive third party software (no more print and scan to send an invoice via e-mail)
  • Print to multiple printers simultaneously (a PDF and a hardcopy for instance)
  • Autofit the job to the page (print A4/legal landscape sheets in place of printing on dot-matrix 136-column printers)
  • and much more

FREE Download!

download software dos print to usb

Are you still using an old, good, DOS program that cannot print on the newest Windows printers?

Want to avoid spending a lot of money to buy one or more DOS-compatible printers?

Download Printfil Now!

Use it free for 30 days, then you'll choose if purchasing a license, at the end of the trial period. If it doesn't work for you, you can safely uninstall it with a few clicks.

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